Instant Insights

for data-driven enterprise teams


Wait no more for information or reports

UTORA combines domain data & machine
intelligence to deliver instant insights in 

the form of answers to your questions.

Plug Data

Overlay existing data
with navigation &

Spot Insights

Discover insights based
on natural language

Take Actions

Insights-led actions
to bring workflows 

to completion.

Freedom from over-dependence on experts

UTORA makes it easy to get insights
without having to always rely on
back-end experts.

Instant Insights for Enterprise Data

UTORA is available for web scale companies
where data-driven decisions are 

time-critical for business

Continuous Fitness for Enterprise Networks

UTORA provides deep network domain
expertise for data-driven tasks 

with expert guidance.


  • 1.Your business user is asking you for multiple variations of reports.

    What if you could provide a self-service mode to your business users for their ad-hoc queries and free up your time on more innovative insights?

    UTORA provides a natural language like interface on the domain data enabling business users and data science teams to interact with each other for ad-hoc queries and create personalised charts & dashboards.

  • 2.You wait for reports from data science teams regarding your team operations.

    What if you can find out team inefficiencies instantly, avoiding round-trips with a central data science team?

    UTORA provides a natural language like interface on the domain data enabling business users for ad-hoc queries and create personalised charts & dashboards.

  • 3.You wait for experts to generate health reports & find compliance issues.

    What if you can instantly prepare executive reports on overall network status of health,audit & compliance issues?

    UTORA extracts information from your network data to create custom reports instantly based on your context and questions.

  • 4.You are in a war room and need to share network status information urgently.

    What if you can extract specific information from network data to share with the overall team instantly?

    UTORA instantly maps your questions to network data and creates visual evidence in the form of answers that are instantly shareable with the broader team.

  • 5.You are making a sales call to advise on product fitment.

    What if you can instantly run fitment assessment on the product information based on the consumer choices to offer the best advise?

    UTORA can intersect consumer choices with product information through natural language questions & rich visual answers to enable the sales executive for better client conversations.

Simplified self-service end-user experience

UTORA applies AI augmentation technology
to simplify human interactions with 

domain specific data.

Query-less Interface

Easy navigation and visualisation
on data without having to write
machine queries.

Domain Intelligence

Natural language like interface
for pluggable domain specific

Recommendation Engine

Recommendations by continuously
learning from end users and


Team UTORA believes that quality of human decisions is distinctly improved when augmented by machine intelligence. Better decisions empower organisations to multiply productivity and efficiency. UTORA simplifies the human decision-making experience, making it possible to arrive at quality decisions with lightning speed. UTORA offers machine-augmented decisions-technology and products to organisations. Faster and better quality decisions enable the data-driven teams to perform at a significantly higher levels of business indicators. UTORA is an equal opportunity team and inducts exceptional talent who are motivated to solve hard problems that matter in an entrepreneurial environment. Say hello to us at