Continuous Network Fitness

Secure Network Devices with AI Augmentation


Maintain fitness with best practices

UTORA audits & remediates gaps based on industry best
practices in the areas of security, design & network
operating environment.


Checks for
vulnerabilities, &
access restrictions


Checks for network
continuity parameters
& right sizing


Checks for right
configurations for alerts
& operations data

Simplify audit with continuous visibility

UTORA brings continuous visibility to network fitness
by continually assessing local network data
with global best practices.


Rate fitness & compare
against industry best


Automated actions
to close fitness


notification with
augmented analytics


  • 1.You face a network outage in your campus/ Your users in campus are not able to access an application.

    What if your network could identify availability design flaws and alert you to remediate before unexpected outage?

    UTORA audits switches & routers for network continuity checks such as HA, link redundancy, stack-ring etc, to identify design gaps.

  • 2.Your network halts because of switching loop.

    What if your network could identify the configuration gaps for L2 switching loop and take preventive actions?

    UTORA identifies if network is configured with loop prevention mechanisms such as UDLD, Loop-Guard, Storm-control etc and configures them automatically on your approval.

  • 3.Your network is continuously under threat by hackers exploiting security gaps in your configurations.

    What if your network could identify configuration based vulnerabilities and help you prevent situations?

    UTORA audits your network vulnerabilities such as IP-redirects, Proxy-ARP, Login-block etc and fixes possible risks.

Augmented analytics for Network Teams

UTORA on-cloud provides in-context insights
to user questions & continuously learns
from usage.

Network Intents

Pre-built intents for
workflow &

Fitness Score

assessment of
network fitness

Expert Advise

Join external data
for in-context


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