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Experience the
next-generation of

Network Visibility 
with AI

See your network like never before with UTORA's intelligent visualization. Uncover hidden insights and take decisive actions – instantly. UTORA streamlines network management, making it the fastest way to discover, diagnose, and repair issues.

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360 degree network management



Continuous Link performance monitoring

Continuous monitoring tracks latency, packet loss, jitters for proactive problem prevention

Discover network
assets & EoL

Updated network inventory listing & discover EOL devices to eliminate performance issues & risks

Map network topology

Map your network landscape for clear visibility, understanding, and faster troubleshooting

Continuous device health monitoring

Watch 24/7, status, CPU, Memory, utilization, errors to prevent issues before they disrupt your network

Discover config gaps & remediate

Find & fix security gaps automatically in configurations and be always compliant

Supercharge your network team productivity

UTORA supercharges your network management capability. It unlocks a holistic view by combining data from devices and links. This translates to daily wins: pinpoint network issues faster, assess network health effortlessly, generate reports with a click, and make smarter decisions about upgrades – all from a single, intuitive platform.

10 x your network management efficiency

Discover network devices in minutes to learn about end-of-life, inventory insights,  network topology and much more.

Automate config gaps  Remediation 

Automate industry best practice assessment, identify  configuration gaps and fix to comply with key industry compliance e.g NIST/PCIDSS.

Zero touch problem detection 

Tired of network troubleshooting? Lets cuts through the clutter. Get a holistic view in single screen and solve issues 10 x faster.

Light-weight Cloud service

UTORA brings you a true Cloud option which provides faster time-to-value, no hassle to manage on-prem servers and storage.


Network Topology
Network Automation
WAN Monitoring
Regulatory Compliance
Config Assessment
Security posture

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WAN performance monitoring

WAN Performance: Keeping Your WAN Network Healthy

WAN performance monitoring provides real-time insights into the health and efficiency of your wide-area network. By continuously collecting and analyzing data, it helps you identify and address issues that could hinder communication across geographically dispersed locations. Imagine:


Identifying Latency Spikes: High latency can lead to sluggish connections and frustrating delays for users worldwide. Monitoring allows you to pinpoint these spikes and investigate their cause, ensuring smooth data flow.


Uncovering Packet Loss: Lost data packets disrupt communication and frustrate users. WAN monitoring helps detect packet loss, enabling you to troubleshoot and rectify the problem before it impacts your global operations.


Optimizing Network Resources: By analyzing traffic patterns and resource utilization, you can optimize your network bandwidth for efficient performance across all locations.

Live NOC dashboard

Live NOC dashboard:  Real-time network health snapshot .

At-a-Glance Network Overview: Gain instant insights into key performance metrics like bandwidth utilization, latency, and packet loss, all presented in a clear and intuitive interface.

Proactive Anomaly Detection: Our advanced monitoring system constantly scans your network for anomalies. The NOC dashboard prominently displays any potential issues, allowing you to address them before they disrupt your operations.

Drill-Down Capabilities: Need to delve deeper? The NOC dashboard allows you to easily drill down into specific alerts and investigate potential problems. Access detailed information about affected devices, traffic patterns, and historical data to pinpoint the root cause efficiently.

Actionable Insights: The NOC dashboard doesn't just inform; it empowers. You'll receive clear recommendations and potential solutions alongside alerts, allowing you to take swift action and resolve issues quickly.

The effortless  way to detect, diagnose & repair

UTORA streamlines the network troubleshooting process, significantly reducing the time required for problem identification and resolution. Its intelligent system eliminates irrelevant alerts, allowing network administrators to focus on critical events. UTORA then performs a deep-dive analysis of network data, pinpointing the root cause of issues. Furthermore, UTORA offers advanced automation features that can facilitate instant repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal network performance.





Network Discoveries


Network Devices


Alerts per day


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I am able to close tickets way faster than before.
Now, I can spot issues before they get reported by
business users

Alexa C, LA

Network Engineer

Compliance audits are smooth now UTORA automated everything, inventory, topology, end-of-life devices, NIST posture and even fixing the configuration gaps.

Johan Y, CA

Network Compliance Manager

UTORA replaced months-long manual device configuration  audit cycle with real-time, network wide  visibility in no time with full control.

Morgan James, NY

Network Manager

UTORA provides real-time network issue detection. It enables to pin-point issues as they occur, eliminating the need for extensive  troubleshooting

Lisa Driver, MI

NetOps Manager

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Network Management journey with AI ?

UTORA streamlines troubleshooting with zero-touch intelligence. It overlays all alerts on your network map, then intelligently filters irrelevant ones. This reduces detection time and allows you to focus on critical issues. UTORA also performs deep dives into network data, recommending solutions to minimize troubleshooting efforts. Additionally, advanced automation features can instantly repair certain issues, minimizing downtime and keeping your network running smoothly.

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